Thursday, July 14, 2011

Watching the Semis

Go USA! We're so excited, the USA won yesterday!

We began yesterday with a hard training session before settling in to watch two interesting matches. The facilities have been great and even though it was raining, we were still able to get in a good session beginning with a warmup inside the gym.

We watched the USA match on the television in the referee lounge. Unfortunately, we had to leave for the second match without being able to see the last goal to seal the US win, but we did follow along on the internet on the way to the stadium. Can't wait to see the highlights again.

On our way into the the stadium, Kari was asked for he autograph. Now, it's pretty rare for someone to ask for a referee autograph, and normally the people who ask have mistaken us for someone more a player. In this case though, the gentleman who asked actually had an action shot of Kari on the field and asked her to sign the picture. Pretty cool.

After the autograph session, we settled down to watch an interesting match between Japan and Sweden. Of course, the team we were cheering for was from CONCACAF...the referee team. It's always so cool to hear the anthem and watch your friends walk out on the field for one of these important matches and it's even cooler in person.

So, for now we continue to train, learn, and enjoy the chance to spend a little more time together.


  1. i know a ton of fellow referees who would ask for your autograph!!

    when do they announce the crew for the final? i bet they are keeping you around for the 3rd place match. while i LOVE the US in the finals, it is nice to think that if the US did not make it to the final, FIFA was keeping you in germany for the possibility of having a USA referee crew work the final!

  2. Kari Seitz - FIFA Referee or rockstar?


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