Friday, July 8, 2011

The Next Phase

As some of you know International Tournaments have a few phases.  1) The First round 2) Quarterfinals 3) Final set of matches.  We started with 50 officials, but the group will be significantly reduced by the the 3rd phase (as there are less matches to officiate).

We had the first set of "releases" announced yesterday and we had  6 referees and 12 assistant referees return to their home countries today.  There are many factors for the decision but it is nearly impossible to predict.  The best course of action for any referee is to do their very best and hope the "ball rolls in your favor."

We have now officially moved on to the next phase of play - Quarterfinals.  Where every game must have a winner.

As you may know by now the US referee team was not assigned a quarterfinal, however Veronica will be serving as the 5th official (reserve AR).  We'll have Veronica explain her participation following her match on Saturday - Germany v Japan.

Following the Quarterfinals, is the last phase of play.  We'll have one more "release" and those that remain would have the possibility to work one of the 4 final matches.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.  Regardless of the outcome, we've had a wonderful experience and THANK EVERYONE for all your support.


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