Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Final Stage of the WWC

Great news, the USA WNT had the win of their lives on Sunday and the USA referee crew survived the final cut.  We'll be staying until the end of the tournament, despite not being eligible for a semi-final with the USA team in the other semi-final (policy of FIFA).  The only option is one of the final matches, or a long holiday...  You never know in football.  We are just pleased that despite the success of our national team FIFA thought highly enough of our crew to keep us here.

As you know, the ideal assignment would be the USAWNT in the final and the US referee crew in the 3/4th place match.  We'll be ready and focused, what ever the outcome.


  1. Kari, you are very diplomatic!
    (another mark of a seasoned official)

    That's the catch: The countries with the best players usually produce the best referees, but their advancement eventually comes at the expense of yours!

    Here's hoping somewhere inside that you three get the Final you deserve anyway. Clearly FIFA are trying or you wouldn't still be there.

    Good luck! We will all be watching.

  2. Noticed that "the other semi-final" went to our Canadian friend; great!


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