Sunday, June 19, 2011

Medical Testing & Free Time

Yesterday we had quite a laid back day that began with an hour and a half of medical testing, training on our own, and then we had the entire afternoon free. The medical testing was very thorough consisting of an orthopedic examination and two different types of cardiac exams. These medical tests were very interesting, as we had a EKG and an ultra sound of our heart. We are still awaiting the results, but the initial results are positive.

After the testing, as we skipped the fitness and technical training with the group (due to the medical testing), we trained on our own--either in the gym or outside. It is important to stay on a training routine to stay mentally and physically sharp.

After lunch, we had the rest of the afternoon free which we took advantage of to walk around, explore our surroundings, and do some shopping. Of course there is a Starbucks here, so I had my customary Chai tea latte. Close to our hotel there are lots of shops, including this open air market.

We spotted this cool advertisement promoting the Women's World Cup, with Birgit Prinz heading an Adidas ball into a glass building. The Adidas ball is an actual replica of the Speedcell--the official tournament ball.

Below is picture of us below the Prinz replica.

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