Monday, June 20, 2011

Final Preperation

Well, the fitness test is Tuesday morning, so this mornings training was really focused on preperpation for tomorrow.  A good long warm-up, with some speed work.  Followed by a relaxation and positive thinking session.  Everyone is trained and ready to go, just one last hurdle before assignments are handed out.

This afternoon the referees had to particiate in a "moving head shot video".  I wasn't sure what it was either, but apparently prior to match kick- for each game they will show a 10 second video of the referee on the big screen in the stadium.  The referee is part of the show and FIFA has decided to include us in the pre-game video montage.  Lucikly I likely won't see this video of myself, as I'll be busy on the pitch preparing to blow the kick off whistle :)

Wish us luck tomorrow morning!  We are trained, fit and ready to go!

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